Best Wedding and Bridal Hair Styles for ALL BRIDES

Best Wedding and Bridal Hair Styles for ALL BRIDES

On your wedding day, of course it is important to book a bridal makeup artist that you can communicate easily and share ideas with! However, you also need to make sure she/he can deliver and create different hair styles that will be suitable for you on your big day! It is vital and cruical to create classic, timeless and yet elegant wedding/bridal hair stylings!

Best Bridal Hairstyles

How to determine the best bridal hair style?  You need to choose the hair styles that fit your facial features, your personality, your wedding/evening gowns and your style! Don't just do whatever the fashion or wedding magazines tell you to do! Look into mirror and get opinions from your bridesmaids before you decide which hair styles go with which outfits!

Typically and traditionally, judging from my numerous experience with brides in Asia,  they tend to change at least 4-6 times a day. Yes, they might changes more than a model being in a fashion week... but it happens (all the time!) It usually starts with Qua for Chinese tea ceremony, 1 or 2 wedding gown(s) for church ceremony and reception March-in, Zhipao for Toasting,  1st Evening gown for first Dance and 2nd evening gown for saying Bye Bye.....

Here are some of my favourite bridal hair style of ALL TIMES! 

(1). The Messy Bun

bridal messy bun hair styling

Messy bun for wedding and brides









A messy bun may look effortless to our eyes but to create this look, it does take some skills and technique to do so! A good "mess" will bring in glamour and elegance to your weightless and soft wedding gowns. I love this bridal hair styling as it looks like you have been wearing this bun for the whole wedding day but it still maintains its (your) composure! 

(2). Low Up-do

low up do bridal hair for weddings

bridal hair styling in low up do









Having a low up to is great to match with wedding/evening gowns that are more structure and solid instead of a lot of ruffles. This wedding hair style is great to help frame your face as well. It creates a romantic and gentle quality to your evening gowns when you need to portrait the elegance side of yourself. 

(3). Root Lifting/ Teasing 

brides with root lifting hair style

root lifting bridal hair styling for brides











This wedding hair style is definitely very fashionable and fun for ladies who are always with an edge and carries fashion statement on a regular basis! And if you are one of these ladies, I am sure you are able to carry this look with your chosen evening gowns. I personally think that brides don't need to wear "neat" or classy hair styles all the time because wedding can be fun and experimental. Especially if you have more than 4 outfits to change during one wedding day, you can definitely choose one look with a lot of VOLUME!


Hair half on half down

brides wearing hair half on half down

bridal hair half on half down









I usually suggest the brides to have a half on half down when meeting the guests before the reception because normally during the morning, brides tend to have up-do hair style while wearing their "Qua" - a traditional Chinese "wedding gown" with Dragons and Phoenix. So before the guests arrive to the reception, brides tend to have more time to relax and sit down to enjoy a full makeup and hair styling touch up. Therefore, with enough timing, we as makeup artists can really curl every single strand of the bride's hair to make sure they look nice and not fizzy. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my views on bridal hair styling as much as I enjoyed writing  it. If you are still reading, I guess you did enjoy it 🙂 Thank you so much and I wish you to see you on your wedding day or at your friend's weddings!