Makeup Classes

| C L A S S   S Y L L A B U S    |  

Please see below for the brief description of each class:

Natural Base Makeup Class 1 (1.5 hours)

- skin care analysis
- proper ways of makeup removal

- proper ways of skincare routine
- application of color corrector, primer/base
- application of foundation, concealer & powder by different techniques & tools 
- contouring: shading and highlighting 
- knowledge of basic color theory - how to make the base makeup to last for 6-8 hours 
- recommendation on skincare and makeup products suitable for each student
- Kalamakeup notes will be provided 

Eye (Daily and Evening) Makeup Class 2 (1.5 hours)

- practice for the base make up
- application of natural/evening eye shadow
- technique in drawing different eyeliners 
- application of mascara 
- application of eyebrow with trimming and shaping
- application of blush and lips
- lip makeup application - how to do touch up for the makeup
- Kalamakeup notes will be provided

|   C L A S S   F E E   |  

One-on-One Class 
1 class      - HKD2,500 or 2 classes - HKD4,000
Group class (minimum 3 girls and maximum 8 girls)
1 class      -  HKD1,500 per person for 3 students; HKD1,200 per person for 5 students or more
2 classes  -  HKD2,200 per person for 3 students: HKD1,700 per person for 5 students or more

|   R E M A R K S   |  

- Cash and by appointment only
- Deposit is required at least 5 days before class and deposit is non-refundable
- Makeup, cosmetics tools and Kalamakeup notes will be provided by Kalam
- Makeup classes will be conducted at Kalamakeup Studio in Central
- Photos taken during classes by Kalam maybe used for updating portfolio purposes and if you do NOT wish your photos to be on any social media, please kindly let Kalam know
- Cosmetics and skincare brands used:

Addiction, ASEOP, Armani Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Becca, Benefits, Bobbi Brown, Clé de Peau Beauté, Chaos, Charlotte Tilbury, Hourglass, La Mer, Loreal, M.A.C., MAQuillAGE, Nars, Nude Stix, NYX, PatMcGrath Labs, Shiseido, Sulwhasoo, Tatcha,  Tom Ford, YSL, etc.

For arranging the makeup classes,  please contact Kalam at +852 9757 4220 or email at [email protected]