Makeup Classes

|   C L A S S   S Y L L A B U S    |  
Please see below for the brief description of each class:

Natural Base Makeup Class 1 (1.5 hours)
- skin care analysis
- proper ways of makeup removal
- proper ways of skincare routine
- application of color corrector, primer/base
- application of foundation, concealer & powder by different techniques & tools 
 contouring: shading and highlighting 
- knowledge of basic color theory 
- how to make the base makeup to last for 6-8 hours 
- recommendation on skincare and makeup products suitable for each student
- Kalamakeup notes will be provided 

Daily and Evening Eye Makeup Class 2 (1.5 hours):
- practice for the base make up
- application of natural/evening eye shadow

- technique in drawing different eyeliners 
- application of mascara 

- application of eyebrow with trimming and shaping
- application of blush and lips

- lip makeup application 
- how to do touch up for the makeup
- Kalamakeup notes will be provided

|   C L A S S   F E E   |  
One-on-One Class                                                               
1 class      - HKD2,000 or 2 classes - HKD3,500
Group class (minimum 3 girls and maximum 8 girls)
1 class      -  HKD1,200 per person for 3 students; HKD1,000 per person for 5 students or more
2 classes  -  HKD2,000 per person for 3 students: HKD1,500 per person for 5 students or more
|   R E M A R K S   |  

· Cash and by appointment only

· Deposit is non-refundable

· Makeup, cosmetics tools and Kalamakeup notes will be provided by Kalam

· Makeup classes will be conducted at Kalamakeup Studio in Central

· Cosmetics and skincare brands used : 

AddictionASEOP, Armani BeautyAnastasia Beverly Hills

BeccaBenefitsBobbi BrownClé de Peau BeautéChaosHourglassLa MerLorealM.A.C.

MAQuillAGE, NarsNude StixNYXPatMcGrath LabsShiseidoSulwhasooTatcha,  Tom FordYSL, etc.


For arranging the makeup classes,  please contact Kalam at +852 9757 4220 or email at [email protected]