Sisley Paris Eye Concealer and Phyto Teint Expert Foundation Review

Sisley Paris Eye Concealer and Phyto Teint Expert Foundation Review

It's that time of the year where everyone is scratching their heads to think of what to buy for their beloved ones for Christmas. For the ladies, have we ever said NO to makeup!? So, why don't you get your beloved girl friends or mother a very high quality foundation or eye concealer because we all want to look good during Christmas and NYE parties?

Recently I have been received some new liquid foundation from Sisley Paris - Phyto-Teint Expert.  I normally don't wear foundation myself unless I need to go out but I am quite addicted to this foundation and have completely fallen in love with it. And I would love to share with you all why.

The very first time I came across Sisley Paris was back in March 2013 when I was invited to their products launch. I have always heard good things about their skincare especially their ALL DAY ALL YEAR Essential anti-aging daytime skincare. After this launch, we were given a bag of goodies and inside, one of my favorite items will be their Phyto Cernes Eclat eye concealer with botanical extracts. There are total 3 different shades. For me, instead of using them as a concealer, I treat them as a color corrector (meaning to correct the pigments underneath the eye before you apply foundation). I think it works completely well as a color corrector or a concealer.

For shade 1, it is used for pale and light skin tone (better for Westerners who have a more pink undertone). It eliminates more green pigments.

For shade 2, it is used for light to medium skin tone (better for Asians who have a more yellow undertone). It eliminates more purple pigments.

For shade 3, it is used for slightly darker skin tone (better for ladies who have a more olive undertone). It eliminates more brown pigments.

As for the new Phyto-Tient Expert foundation, it is really silky smooth and thin. It is so easy to blend and apply with your finger tips or with a liquid foundation brush. The best thing is that it lasts for a very long time up to 12 hours and has very optimal coverage! The very first time I tried it was on the model who came to my studio for the Kate Spade New York event 2 days ago. Since she was already wearing some foundation for casting, in order to test how good this foundation is, I applied it directly on her skin without removing what she had on her face. It completely softens and moisturizes her skin and gives an instant radiant glow! I think most of the time as customers, we tend to neglect the ingredients in our cosmetics products. It is always important to know what kind of ingredients does a product contain in order to avoid any allergic reaction. This foundation has frangipani blossom and D-Panthenol that give a smoothing effect; cucumber and vegetable glycerin that increase moisture and softness; Gingko biloba extract that can protect our skin from environmental damage. In conclusion, I highly recommend this foundation if you are looking for a hight hydration and radiant formula that can keep your skin moist and glow throughout the winter.