Airbrush course at MUD

Airbrush course at MUD

I have enrolled a 10 day airbrush course at the MUD - Make Up Designory that started on the 4th August. It is a Monday to Thursday, 6pm to 930pm class at the West Broadway MUD school.

On the very first day of school, I arrived at 530pm so that my teacher S can take a look at my airbrush that I bought from Kett to see if I need to buy another set from the school. Luckily, I got approval from her because my gun can do both single or dual action. I will explain that later.

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Sitting next to me is CĀ  who comes from Germany and she is half German and half Thai. Amazingly, she speaks both languages and she is just like me - an international makeup artist/ student that comes to NYC to take this course.

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Besides C, there are 4 more students. E and J are both from Italy.E studied makeup at the MUD school in Milan and flew here for the airbrush and other courses. She has a funny saying of "Okayyyyy" whenever she understands something or when she talks to herself šŸ™‚ We all like to tease her whenever she says that! J has taken this course 3 years ago and has been doing freelance makeup since and she thought it would be great to take this course again.

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Then we have K and C. K is super fun and crazy, she works for a bar occasionally at nights and makes some really nice cocktails! C is the youngest out of all and she asks a lot of questions and is serious about learning. See how serious she looks when she is working with E šŸ™‚

Of course, there is our lovely and very experienced teacher S. She has been in the makeup industry for the last 25 years and has been using airbrush for more than decade!

I remember she has once mentioned on the first class that makeup artists who aren't interested in using airbrush is not because they don't like it. It's because they are too comfortable with their own skills and don't want to learn new things. I agree because it does require you to make an effort to learn new things. I used to think airbrush is good for creative makeup but I'm completely wrong, because using airbrush is so fun and great to create a "no makeup" fresh look! I'm so glad that I have taken this course.

I can't image 8 classes have already passed, we have 2 more coming on Monday and Tuesday where we have our final exam. We all need to spend maximum 45 minutes to airbrush a beauty, fresh and natural makeup for our model. Thank again Lora in advance for being my model šŸ™‚ During this course, we are supposed to only learn the foundation base, blush and contouring with the airbrush. However, S is such a great and generous teacher who loves to share all her tips and knowledge with us. She has been teaching us how to airbrush eyeshadow, eyebrow and body tattoo, etc. All these extra learning contributes so much and I definitely gain a lot from her!

In the next blog entry, I'll briefly talk about the airbrush techniques and if you are interested, stay tuned!

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