Review of Diptyque Skincare Products

Review of Diptyque Skincare Products

Today I met up with my dearest primary school buddy Lora on Bleecker Street in the West Village as I have been wanting to go to Diptyque to buy the skincare product that I tried and fell in love with!

Diptyque has always been well know for their perfume, fragrance and candles. Not long ago, they have launched their skincare line. In Hong Kong at the IFC mall boutique, I have bought their travel set that contains the Luxurious Hand Balm, Revitalizing Shower Gel, Fresh Lotion and the Smoothing body polish. They are perfect size to put into your handbag and yoga bag. And a sample of the Radiance Boosting Powder is given together with the purchase.

When my face wash ran out, I finally opened the sample and poured some of the white powder (radiance boosting powder) out, I had a Déjà vu. This reminds me the time when we were in high school using Fancl House cleansing powder to clean our face with the round sponge that comes along with it. If you were a high school student in Hong Kong during the 90's, you will know what I mean 🙂

ADS_Poudre_Purete_ambiancefancl-washing-powder Microfoliant

Compare to the Fancl House Washing Powder or Dermalogica Daily Mircofoliant, Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder has much finer particles. The powder is almost like icing sugar and you only need a tiny amount in order to create a lot of foam together with the black ball sponge that comes along with it.

diptyque skincare 1diptyque skincare 2diptyque skincare 3


diptyque skincare 6diptyque skincare 7


1. Diptyque Radiance Boosting Powder with the black round sponge

2. Pour a small amount of the white powder onto your palm

3. Add warm water to the sponge and rotate it onto your palm to form more foam

4. Apply the foam onto the face and since the sponge has uneven surface, it helps to exfoliate the skin

5. Wash the foam away and your skin is instantly cleansed thoroughly, a hint of shine can be seen on the forehead and nose bridge area

Of course, aiming to go to a store to get only "one" item from the wishlist never works for any women. Therefore, instead of getting the boosting powder, I also bought the Multi-use exfoliating scrub. I like it because it can be used as an exfoliating scrub or a cleansing mask. When using it as a facial scrub, massage a small amount to dampened skin with your fingertips. Circular movement helps to remove the dead skin and dirt that picked up from the street. Then rinse with warm water.

But if you want to use it as a cleansing mask, apply a thicker layer onto your face and wait for 10-15 minutes. The mask will dry out a bit but you won't feel your skin tensed up or cracked. Before rinsing, add some water onto your fingertips and massage in circular movements. You can feel the mirco scrubs exfoliate and make your skin smoother with a glow when you take the mask completely off.

diptyque skincare 8diptyque skincare 9diptyque skincare 10

diptyque skincare 11testing 1testing 2

1. Diptyque Multi-use exfoliating scrub

2. Use the applicator provided to take some clay out

3. Apply clay to your skin into a thick layer like face painting

4. Do a silly face with the scary white mask

5. After 10-15 minutes, add water to fingertips to massage and you will feel the tiny scrub while exfoliating your skin

6. Completing rinse the mask away and your skin will feel freshen and cleansed

Last but not least, I just want to show you my dearest friend that I met when I was 7 - Lora who now lives in NYC for more than 6 years. We love to go to Sephora and examine makeup, paint our nails (just manicure but not pedicure) and have a good laugh.

Thank you Lora so very much.