Working with Joie fashion shoot in New York is full of JOY!

Working with Joie fashion shoot in New York is full of JOY!

My dearest model friend Kristin whom I met in Hong Kong about 8 years ago has moved to New York for almost 6 years. If ever you walk pass SASA stores in Hong Kong, you will still see her lovely smiley face with the pink wig on the advertisement billboards! She has been modeling for the fashion brand Joie that is based in LA for years and I was lucky enough to have this chance to do her makeup and hair styling for the 3 days shooting with Joie.

It is such an amazing experience to work for such a prestigious fashion brand in New York because I can completely feel the high level of professionalism with the photographer, his assistant, all the senior staff at Joie and of course, with Kristin. The shoots are very efficient even though there are more than 100 outfits everyday for Kristin to change into, we manage to have fun, laughter and excellent lunch within the 8 hours of work everyday! In Hong Kong, it might take at least 12 hours for shoot like that.

I would like to give a big THANKS to Kristin who brought me this great opportunity and it is definitely a JOY to with JOIE!

Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 10

Setting up my makeup and hair station

Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 7

How beautiful the showroom Joie has!

Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 1

The first rack of outfits that Kristin has to wear 🙂

Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 13

Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 4Kalam working with Kristin with JOIE


Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 6

The Professionals being professional!


Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 5

Having breakfast and enjoying her company 🙂

Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 7


Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 9 Kalamakeup for Joie shoot 8

Joie's showroom is centrally located in Manhattan city near the Bryant Park, they have such lovely and comfortable environment that you don't feel like leaving!