Ricky Martin coming to Town

Ricky Martin coming to Town

"She bangs! She bangs!
Oh baby when she moves, she moves
I go crazy!" Who doesn't know this song? This Ricky Martin's song has been so famous especially when William Hung sang it again at the American Idol and said he has tried his best and has no regrets.

After having the chance of doing makeup for Solange Knowles in late March, I have got another special opportunity to work in Macau in April with an international celebrity - Ricky Martin!!!
He is seriously a fun and sweet guy to work with. With his laid back attitude, I found him very easy to talk to.Ricky Martin airbrush makeup












My experience of working with famous people is that I tend not to say too much or ask about their personal life. You don't want to give a feeling of intruding their private life while they are not in front of the paparazzi. But this time, it's different because he is willing to share with me things like what he likes to do.

For his makeup, I have used an airbrush to do the foundation base. The airbrush set is from Kett Cosmetics that I bought from New York. Applying foundation with an airbrush can really create a flawless canvas but it requires quite some skills to ensure the base doesn't look too thick. Beside the base, I have created all the contouring and highlight using different shades of foundation. I'll talk about airbrush in the coming blog.

So keep following me and you can learn more about what I have been doing 🙂

This is the set up for my Kett cosmetics airbrush kit.