Harvey Nichols Fashion Show at Pacific Place

Harvey Nichols Fashion Show at Pacific Place

On the 20 Mar13, I turned 32. Although it was my birthday, I didn't have a big night because I knew I had a big fashion show coming on 21Mar which I was very excited about.

Although Kalamakeup team has numerous experience in working for fashion show, this one was comparatively BIG and IMPORTANT!

The big event that Kalamakeup was asked to work for the hair and make up was for Harvey Nichols S/S 13 Fashion show at Pacific Place. There were altogether 24 models including 14 female and 10 male models! I had to lead total 5 MUAs, 4 Hair stylists and 2 assistants, so we had altogether 12 people from Kalamakeup.

Upon arrival at HN office at 3pm, due to some missing information from the production team, I was told by the HN people that there will be 2-3 female models that need fake hair to create the straight long pony tail look. I was a bit anxious because it was hard to buy nice fake hair at that moment. However, I was so glad that my hair stylist managed to get some good quality of "looking quite real" fake hair in Jordan! Well done 🙂

Since there was a last minute change of a male model, all the models were required to do a final rehearsal before the show started at 7pm. Therefore, the production house lady asked us to finish all the make up and hair styling for all 24 models at 5pm! Which meant we only had 2 hours. Time was shorten so we all worked really hard in order to achieve what we were asked to do. I did 2 female make up and then started checking each female model's make up so to make sure each of them look like they had similar make up style and matching with the reference we were given.

After all the make up and hair styling, we all moved to the backstage (which they set up 2 big white tents as dressing rooms in the car park at PP). Had the final checking with the HN stylists, all models were ready to kick off the show. I was finally more relaxed and so glad to have such a great team to work together. After the big show, we went back to Kalamakeup studio to celebrate my birthday! I had to say it was a memorable and epic day. I look forward to more fashion shows coming up this year!


I was briefing the make up reference with my team so they all know what we should be using for the models.

It's amazing to have all these talented MUAs at Kalamakeup studio!


(Left to Right: Carol, Gabbie, Percy, Esther, Irene, Kalam and Kat - who was taking this photo).

Kalamakeup behindthescene show 49 Kalamakeup behindthescene show 56

Kalamakeup behindthescene show 59

My dearest MUAs working at the backstage dressing room - Percy, Esther & Yvonne

Kalamakeup behindthescene show 51Kalamakeup behindthescene show 93

Kalamakeup behindthescene show 52My dearest MUAs working at the HN office - Gabbie, Irene & Carol.


Kalam and 4 hair stylists working at the HN office.

Kalamakeup behindthescene show 54




Tada! This was a fun and amazing HN show!

Kalamakeup behindthescene show 62 Kalamakeup behindthescene show 61Kalamakeup fashion shows 12Kalamakeup fashion shows 10 Kalamakeup behindthescene show 60 

Kalamakeup team will be working with La Perla and Paule Ka coming in April at PP, so stay in touched with what's going on!