30 minutes to dye your hair at home

30 minutes to dye your hair at home

I have been coloring my hair since I was 16 and since then I have never really seen my natural hair color. I have tried to color my hair back to black few years ago but it doesn't seem to suit me well as I have darker skin tone which goes better with a medium light brown hair tone. I remember my boy friend Pieter actually was so shocked and stood outside the door for like 5 minutes to see my hair turned black!

It is not the cheapest thing to maintain my hair color as my hair grows quite fast, I need to dye the roots or highlight the whole head at least once in 1.5-2 months and I pay approximately HKD1,000-HKD1,700 and 4-6 hours per visit at the salon. Quite a time consuming beautifying activity to do!

Because we are planning our wedding in Phuket next year, I'm trying to save money on things that I can save. And because the roots of my hair has grown out, it doesn't mean I need to spend so much money on turning the black roots back to brown 🙂 So I decided to try out the Japanese foam hair dye suggested by a couple of my clients today.

Honestly, I'm very happy with the result as it saves me quite a lot of money (it only costs HKD72.50 at SASA and I only spent 40 minutes in total including the wash).

Here are the steps and tips if you would like to try this product out:

1. Liese - bubble hair color in Creamy beige


2. Inside there are:
(I) small black bottle no.1
(II) white bottle no.2
(III) pink pump with plastic tube
(IV) rinse-off treatment
(V) a pair of plastic gloves
(VI) detailed instructions

3. Steps
(I) Open bottle 1&2

(II) Pour bottle 1 liquid into bottle 2
and close the cap for bottle 2

(III) Rotate bottle 2 into 180 degree for 5 times
* don't shake it but just gently rotate it

(IV) Replace the cap with the pink pump for bottle 2

(V) Divide your hair from the middle into 2 sections

(VI) Squeeze the bottle 2 and foam comes out and grab the foam with your "plastic" hand
* Apply oil base cream around the hairline on the forehead and ears before coloring to avoid stains from the foam if you accidentally apply foam on those areas

(VII) Spread the foam onto top of your hair and eventually all over your hair
* Make sure the roots are covered. If you haven't colored your hair before, you should make sure the whole head is covered with the foam.
But for girls who only want to dye the roots, skillfully spread the foam mainly on the roots.
Very importantly, make sure you do this carefully and not to have the foam into your eyes. If that happens, stop everything and wash your eyes for at least 15 minutes. If irritation occurs, consult a doctor!

I find it quite easy to control the foam as they are not dripping everywhere, so as long as you are careful, it should be safe. If you are not confident to do it yourself, ask a friend to help. I remember when I used to color my hair with other brands such as Relvon, it's much harder as the hair dye can easily drip onto my ears, forehead and fingers to create stains that is hard to wash away instantly.

After 20-30 minutes, wash your hair twice with shampoo (I have recently discovered a great shampoo called Lui ? from Korea which can help my roots to be loose; further details will be followed) and then apply the rinse-off treatment. Wash the treatment after 5 minutes.

Additionally, if you want to have soft hair with a great smell (as dying hair might leave a chemical smell), I have used Kerastase hair treatment (gold color container) to make sure my hair feel soft and smells good after!


4. Lui ? shampoo and Kerastase gold treatment can be bought at ??? at 216 Temple Street, Jordan
I'm loving the new shampoo as I have tried a lot of different brands to make sure my roots will be loose and have more volume but none of them work.


5. In order to protect your hair, you can also apply hair oil before blow drying. Here I use Moroccan oil which can be bought at ???.


6. Blow dry your hair with dryer (for more volume and softer look, use this black "wind shield" ??, also can be bought at ???.


7. Before hair dye (top 2 pictures)
After hair dye (bottom 2 pictures)


8. My new hair with no more black roots! Done within an hour 🙂


Happy that my previous highlight is still here even though I colored my whole hair with Liese hair coloring foam!