Disneyland can be A LOT OF fun!

Disneyland can be A LOT OF fun!

If you still have a lot of energy after almost 10 hours of work, you know you have enjoyed the work you have just done!
This is exactly how I feel right now despite the fact that I actually have to wake up in less than 5 hours for another 12 hours of work!

Today, Paulia, one of the most responsible, well organised and amazing stylist/editor/website owner/mom (the list is going to be long!) has again invited me and my dear teammate Esther to help her with her fashion wedding shoot at the Disneyland Resort! Who said bridal editorial shoot is boring? I am allowed to be so creative in doing what I love to do and this kind of opportunity is so rare in the "fashion" industry in HK.

Everyone wants to be safe. Follow what is planned just to make sure there are no mistakes. Constantly, we are asked to follow the makeup and hair styling reference suggested by the stylists or creative directors. I'm not saying following is bad, but sometimes, if one's creativity is allowed to be freely expressed, I think the impact and result will be more powerful and make a bigger impression!

Before the shoot, Paulia has sent us a very detailed story board which I can see how much effort and time she has spent in this project. Her passion is shown in every single details in her carefully well-planned out preparation. She approachs each fashion/ bridal brand, chooses all the evening gowns which match perfectly with the theme "Fairy tales fantasy" all by herself. On top of that, she also brings in so many props that make the images more colourful, fun and memorable.

Sorry I forgot to mention that Paulia hasn't been doing this styling job professionally for a long time as she just recently started arranging shoots for her website. But I can guarantee that she will become such a professional stylist if she pursues to become one.

I enjoy the fact that every crew member is very clear of their tasks and how the theme of the shoot should be portrayed. This is so important because this creates a great team working atmosphere where everyone is helping each other out and trying their best to make this shoot looks great. The best part is that we still have enough time to chat, laugh and enjoy a long lunch in between.

With the freedom allows, Esther and I are able to discuss freely, without any stress, about what will look best on each model's face. The exchange of ideas enables us to use our imagination and creativity to present that onto the models' faces and hair visually!

We managed to finish all the 16 looks/ outfits with the 2 lovely models on time! I was never a huge fan of Disneyland but this valuable experience has definitely changed my mind.

So here, I would like to clap my hands for Paulia who has brought all of us (Esther- hair stylist; Isa - photogragher; Ariel - Paulia's assistant; 2 models - Saphira and Natalie both from StarzPeople model agency) together and have such a wonderful day at the Disneyland!

Oh, the only complaint I have for today will be the horrible and hungry mosquitoes who have bitten me like 15 times! But thanks to Ariel's lemongrass anti bug spray, I have less bites than usual! Thank you for the spray and I accidentally took that with me.

Have a good week everyone 🙂



















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