The BEST makeup brushes Kalamakeup can offer

The BEST makeup brushes Kalamakeup can offer

20130828-015357.jpg Today is definitely one of the most exciting days in my "makeup" career as I have finally received my own sets of "Kalamakeup" makeup brushes!

After an extensive and comprehensive research for the best makeup brushes throughout the last decade of being a makeup artist, I have finally come across the softest and most long lasting brushes created by the most skilful craftsmen in Japan.

Trust me, I have bought more than a hundred brushes from different high end brands and countries, such as London, New York, Paris, Korea, Taiwan, etc. However, I have never experienced such soft and yet durable brushes until I met "them"!

In order to ensure my clients and students to experience and possess such high quality of extremely soft makeup brushes, I decided to order and sell them under the name of "Kalamakeup".


If you ask a professional how to judge whether a makeup brush is good or not, he/ she will tell you the most important part of a brush is the tip of the hair. And of course, the type of hair which the brush is composed of is also a crucial factor.

A perfect hair tip allows you to freely draw lines of different thickness and tone in excellent control. You can glide it gently and freely on your skin to achieve a flawless finish. It helps makeup application easier, enables the makeup to last much longer and also avoids any irritation on the sensitive skin.

In the cosmetics industry, most brush manufacturers lose the hair tip in the production process as they use the method of "laser cut". This is a technique which they cut and trim the edges/ tips of their hair to achieve the desired shapes and style so as to provide optimum application of a certain cosmetics product.

However, there are a few disadvantages of using this laser cut method. Due to the lack of accuracy with which the hair can be shaped and the fact that the tips of the hair are cut away, the brushes become more stiff and structured. For people who have sensitive skin, these brushes might cause irritation on their skin. Moreover, makeup application is comparatively less flawless and not as long lasting.


Amazingly, all the Kalamakeup brushes I ordered from Japan do not rely on any machine manufacturing, they are all hand-crafted by the most experienced and skilled craftsmen.

Furthermore, some of these brushes are made with blue squirrel hair which is by far the softest hair you can find among all the other types of hair.


If you would like to learn more about Kalamakeup brushes, you can also check out this link on my website.

Kalamakeup brush set is composed of 4 different brushes and a waterproof portable case (colour: navy blue, shiny black or metallic khakis). This whole set enables you to apply a full professional makeup with ease.
One brush set costs HKD1,680 and is sold at Kalamakeup studio.

And if you are interested in possessing one beautiful set, please feel free to contact Kalam here.

Below are some descriptions for each brush and you can refer to the following picture for reference.


Top first brush:
Used for applying blush, loose powder and contouring
Hair: Blue squirrel & Synthetic fiber
Suitable for dry, sensitive skin.
Bristles made from blue squirrel have little spring but are ultra soft, coverage will be natural and sheer.
Blended with synthetic fiber, this helps maintain the brush shape and stabilize quality.

Second brush:
Used for applying eye shadow and highlighting
Hair:Blue squirrel
This brush works well for eye shadow base. Ultra soft blue squirrel is used for these bristles, providing a natural and sheer look. Also ideal for applying highlighter around the eyes.

Third brush:
Used for applying concealer or eyeshadow
Hair:Goat& Synthetic fiber
This brush is resilient while still soft on the skin and produces great colouring.

Bottom last brush:
Used for blending eyeliner, eyeshadow and lip lining
You can easily blend colours and draw lines with this brush which can be used with all types of products - liquid or cream base makeup and even powder.