Abercrombie & Fitch 1st year anniversary shoot

Abercrombie & Fitch 1st year anniversary shoot

I'm terribly sorry that I haven't posted any blog for a long time as I have been traveling during summer.

Remember last year when A&F flew in 101 male models and had them all being topless standing outside their flagship store in Central? It was like insane and total madness! The girls all went crazy and sang for them everyday! I swear that I can hear the girls singing and screaming when I was working at my studio!

I recall joking with my girl friends saying that "imagine all these 101 boys all check in together at the W hotel?" It'd be a pretty impressive scene! When we got to swim at the W hotel pool, I thought I was at the London Olympics swimming gala!

We are so glad that Kalamakeup is invited to provide the makeup and hair styling service for the A&F models for today's shoot to celebrate their first year anniversary in HK! A&F flew in 2 guys from the States and London - Frank and Henry (but most crew called them "Hot Guys") as if that's their real name.

They are both very professional and friendly, of course this is always a bonus for us to work with. Because working with a good looking person with a big attitude requires a lot patience. Together with the 2 models, they also invite an up and coming actress Karena Ng - who has filmed quite a number of movies in HK.

The funniest thing I remember is that both guys enjoy a lot being "made up". They closed their eyes and commented that it's smoothing to get their makeup done. Which for me is surprising to hear because a lot of guys I work with, they are quite reluctant to makeup. Every time when I apply something on their face, they start to frown as if I was putting something stingy on their face. Oh well, I do think a little makeup does help the guys to look even better especially on the photo shoot. By the way, there is no shading on their abs or chest or any body parts in case you are wondering.

Here are some behind the scenes photos for today. Enjoy ladies!
I honestly don't mind to have this kind of job at least once a week.




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