Tie the Knots Style shoot at MGM Macau

Tie the Knots Style shoot at MGM Macau

I remember last time when I worked and stayed over in Macau was quite awhile ago. Macau is a place where I have a love - hate relationship.
Love is the excitement to stay at different hotels with massive space; the colorful neon lights inside or outside the casinos. All these somehow bring me joy and excitement. Hate is the dizziness sometimes I get inside the casino, having to wake up really early for work and the never ending walking distance between the shooting locations and the changing room.

However, this trip in Macau is definitely a love-love experience. We are there to work for Tie the knots styled shoot at the MGM hotel. Tie the knots (www.tietheknots.hk) is a website where you can find all the important things you need to know for a wedding. Whether it is for yourself and for your best friend, you will always be able to read the most updated market information about weddings! I especially like their scrapbook function. It's similar to Pinterest and they even have an application online available for free!

The very first email Paulia (chief director of Tie the knots) sent explains the theme of the shoot is called "Falling in Art". I have the total freedom to create two different looks for our model Elyse by combining art elements from the "Renaissance & Baroque" period to bring out a sense of romanticism and to create a "contemporary color block" look to enhance the modernism. Honestly, to have that "complete" freedom, I feel like I am in heaven especially I can finally revise and utilize my Fine Arts study ever since I graduated!

For the Renaissance and Baroque period look, I used a greyish purple eye shadow fron Laura Mercier, long lashes with the end part flaring out, a very deep plum lip color from YSL and purple lip glass gloss from MAC.


For the contemporary color block look, I used different shades of blue, turquoise, green, purple and yellow shadows from Nars, a pop orange lip color from MAC and add a long green flaring out lashes at the end of her lash line.
20130626-084534.jpg20130626-084547.jpgThis shoot aims to have 40 images which I thought was quite an impossible task to accomplish within 8 hours. However, we manage to make it ON time and we are all very satisfied with the images!

Because of our great team work with our fantastic stylist/co-ordinator Paulia; her smart and helpful assistant Ariel; the amazing & efficient photographer Siu Ming; our super flexible and with quick changing skill model Elyse; the very focus and creative hair stylist Esther and of course the generous MGM hotel who provides us with different variety of great locations and meals (very important not to be hungry during long shoot). I had the most fun time during the shoot and cannot thank everyone enough for that! I simply cannot wait until the images are ready!

Some behind the scene images:

Kalam & Esther working


Kalam & Esther working


Is Esther smiling? Sorry girl but I just love your facial expression here!


Kalam working


Kalam with photographer Siu Ming


Esther & Kalam playing


Kalam with Paulia


Elyse modeling & Kalam playing


Locations from MGM hotel


All the lovely heels!!!