Ciate Caviar Manicure

Ciate Caviar Manicure

Last week after the makeup job at the Four Season hotel, my team and I (Esther and Yvonne) went to Joyce Beauty at IFC Lane Crawford to have a look. I have purchased 3 different items for my nails and hair.

I have posted the picture on my Instagram last week (the last picture on this blog) and I have decided to write a blog on each item in order to let you know how to use them and if they are of any good.

Today, I finally have the time to try out the Ciate Caviar Manicure. I was so attracted by the baby blue nail polish and the tiny little pink, blue & yellow "caviar" as they are too charming and darling, I almost want to eat them! They remind me of those little colourful sprinkles you put onto your ice cream when you were young.

I'm so happy that my Dutch friend Steven B is here to help me to capture all the "steps" when I am applying the manicure. He also helps me to videotape the process, so you can learn how to do it yourself at home!


Step 1:
Apply 2 coats of the nail polish and work with one nail at a time.

Step 2:
Place your finger over the plastic tray and sprinkle the Caviar pearls over your painted nail enduring you do this whilst the nails are still wet.

Step 3:
Once the nail is fully covered with the Caviar, press gently the Caviar pearls into the nail bed to ensure durability.

Step 4:
Put the mini funnel into the Caviar pearls bottle and tilt the tray over the funnel to pour in the precious beads back to its container.

Step 5:
Leave your nails to dry completely for 15-20 minutes.

Taada! You can now have the perfect Caviar manicured nails 🙂

I have also captured the pictures of how long will they last for. Apparently they stick really well!