After the crazy rain storm last night on 4Jun, today is another sunny day. However, the craziness hasn't stopped, at least not at CARAT* London store in Harbour City.

20130605-205738.jpg It is the re-opening of CARAT* boutique and it is introducing a magnificent new concept. Brides-to-be can now make exclusive appointments to use the "Bridal Room" which allows them to try on the exquisite CARAT* jewellery collections together with their wedding gowns to have a visual idea of how their total look will be before one of the most important days in their life.

20130605-205854.jpg I think this concept is very thoughtful and practical because most of the time, brides need to use their imagination to put different pieces of ideas together. They can never try on a final look - to have their bridal hair and makeup nicely done, wearing their dream wedding gowns together with the fine jewellery and Jimmy Choo/ Christian Louboutin/ Sergio Rossi heels as a whole.

Therefore, this amazing concept gives a chance for the brides to try out the perfect jewellery pieces together with other "pieces" in complete privacy and tranquility.

The reason why I mentioned the craziness hasn't stopped is because I am supposed to finish one evening makeup & hair styling look for a Chinese model within an hour - which is already quite tight timing. However, the model is late for half an hour (which means grooming time is reduced to only 30 minutes) and she appears with a lot of heavy eye & eyebrow makeup and a completely "gelled" back hair. Luckily, 2 hours before the job, I decided to ask our hair stylist from Kalamakeup team - Oscar to lend me a helping hand. Without his help, I don't think I can finish everything on time. Thank you so much Oscar!



Within half an hour, the model has a complete transformation from a punk rock look to a sexy evening look with a touch of softness. After the makeup, I'm not really happy with her nails. We are working for Carat* jewellery today and the model's hands and nails should be completely manicured. Therefore, I remove all her nail polish and make sure her nails look neat and tidy. Today's tight timing experience always reminds me of those days (meaning like at least 8 years ago) when Oscar & I did the makeup and hair for Miss Asia. Although it is a bit stressful to work within a short time limit, I'm so grateful for today's experience because this helps to become even more efficient in what we do. Today is definitely a great training day 🙂


Thank you CARAT* LONDON for such a wonderful experience and most of all, the lovely double hearts gold bracelet. I LOVE it!!!