Hollywood Celebrity skincare treatment 3LAB

Hollywood Celebrity skincare treatment 3LAB

Beside the love for high quality makeup, I also adore great skin care. I strongly believe that taking good care of your skin is as important as having an skilful technique on makeup application.

A lot of my students have asked me if applying makeup everyday will be harmful for our skin. My answer is NO!

In HK, with high air pollution, smoke, dust and sand is floating in the air, it's so easy for these tiny little particles to stick onto our face. So having foundation, tinted moisturiser, BB cream will be acting as a barrier to avoid the dirt gluing to our face.

However, a good routine of skincare application will definitely help to preserve our skin into a flawless egg shell like condition.
The question is "what kind of skincare shall we use?"

Recently, I have received a lovely and exciting email from 3LAB PR director.
Although I am not familiar with this skincare brand, apparently they are very popular among a lot of Hollywood celebrities in the States.

I was introduced that 3LAB is an uber luxurious skin care brand from the US and a favourite among celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Swank, Princess Charlene of Monaco, Olivia Wilde and Helen Mirren. Celebrity make up artists regularly use 3LAB's M Cream to prep their clients skin before applying make up.

Hilary Swank's make up artist said in the January issue of In Style magazine, "I love using the M Cream on Hilary. The texture is silky and the make up glides beautifully on top. After a full day of filming in extreme conditions, her skin is still hydrated and bright, and I rest knowing its filled with the most advanced ingredients."

The PR director kindly asked me in the email if she can send me some of their 3LAB skincare products to try onto myself and my clients. I have no reason to refuse this lovely offer!

So I have received these following products with a sweet note from her:

1. Perfect Lips - USD40
Like the name itself, it's the perfect lip balm for extreme dry, skin peeling lips. I cannot go out without it and I even apply it before every hot yoga class to ensure no dehydration on my lips.

2. M Cream - USD270
Exactly is what Hilary's MUA has commented, this M cream magically hydrates the skin, keep the moisture locked inside and give a very healthy and glowy, dewy skin. No matter how tired I am, I will make sure I massage this M cream on before I head to bed. I basically cannot sleep or wake up without applying it now! The best thing is you only need just a little bit of the cream for your face (even if you have a rounder face, you still don't need that much)!

3. Perfect Neck Cream - USD135
I'm not sure if being twins and having to squeeze inside my mom's tummy with my twins sister Kalo for at least 8 months was the cause for the line on my neck.
I always find it hard to remove these lines and you know what they say about the neck lines? They are like the rings inside the bark of a tree that secretly exposing the age of a woman!

Perfect Neck cream is a hydrating, firming cream that contains advanced anti-aging ingredients including 3LAB's bio-engineered growth hormone to help fight the signs of aging.
It also contains effective skin contouring and slimming ingredients help to reduce the appearance of neck fat and "double chin" while potent protectors help to even out skin tone and minimize the signs of past environmental damage. Feels light and luxurious on the skin; does not leave a sticky feeling on the neck. I will keep massaging them onto my neck and say bye bye to my neck lines!

4. WW Eye Cream - USD275
As long as you are above your teenage years, you need a good eye cream. I have even done makeup for little girls (at the age of 4 years old for some fashion show at malls) with dark eye circle and puffy eyes. I'm not saying these girls need a good eye cream, my point is we cannot NOT have an eye cream.
Most of us might not want to spend a lot of money on eye cream, but a good and effective eye cream can really help to reduce dark circle and brighten the delicate part underneath your eyes.
I have been using this eye cream for almost 2 months now and can definitely see an improvement of my eyes. More firming and lifted eyes. Try it, I'm sure you will love it too. Remember ??????? (Eyes are the window of the soul) It's so true!

5. WW Cream - USD450
Honestly, I haven't tried this WW cream on myself yet because I want to finish the M Cream and Perfect Neck Cream first. Plus by judging at its price, I'm worried that my skin will get used to this great high quality skincare. I'm not saying this in a negative way, it's best to use products that are more appropriate and compatible with your skin type and age. I have tried them onto my other clients (mostly woman above age of 40) and this luxurious treatment certainly effectively brightens the skin, combats facial lines, wrinkles, sagging, uneven skin tone, and dryness that leads to dullness.

When I turn into my late 30's, WW Cream will be my best anti ageing friend!

Thank you 3LAB!