NARS makeup

NARS makeup

So I have just received some new NARS satin lip liners on last Friday and totally fall in love with them as they are so smooth and easy to apply on lips! Thank you NARS!!! They made my rainy day become sunny again 🙂

They come with 13 different shades and you can find out more on their website.

A lot of ladies think applying lip color is an easy task compared to other applications like foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, etc.

This might not be the case when you have to create a red hot lips! Any red lips are difficult to do because the lip line has to be defined and smooth.

However, with these satin lip pencils of NARS, it does save me a lot of time to outline the shape of the lips. Then once the lip line has been outlined, you can use the pencil to full in the "lips" like when we did colouring when we were kids!

Simple and easy! A great and signature makeup can be very eye catching with an outstanding pop out lip color!

Now go to NARS, get yourself one! Time to treat yourself something nice with this shitty weather 🙂