Nouveau13 Fashion show for HK Children's Cancer Foundation

Nouveau13 Fashion show for HK Children’s Cancer Foundation

A month ago, I received an email from a student who is part of the business sector of Nouveau 2013, a student-run charity fashion show. She was requesting for Kalamakeup to sponsor their inaugurate show this year.

She explained to me that the beneficiary of Nouveau 2013 is the Children?s Cancer Foundation, a long-standing non-governmental organisation that has been providing caring service for young children with cancer and their families in Hong Kong.

To be honest, I have received quite a number of requests previously for sponsorship for our makeup service. Most of them I have refused however, this time I am very keen in helping because the fund raised will be used to help the Foundation to carry out its work in hospitals, in the community and most importantly, with children who suffer from cancer and their families in their daily needs.

It is such a great opportunity to help our society by doing what we love and good at doing. Therefore, the first thing I did was to ask my team if they are happy to take this responsibility.

I'm so glad that they all are excited to participate in this event. Without their help, I would not be able to do this alone as so many students (more than 30 of them) needed to be groomed!
A big applause for Carol, Esther, Kathy, Percy and Yvonne!

We arrived Artistree at noon today and once we got into the dressing room, we were so impressed by the amount of clothes each model has to wear for the show. Basically each model has at least 10 outfits changes! And they have at least 25 models (reminds of me the Harvey Nichols show we did in late March this year).

Other big brands that also sponsor the event includes LAB Concept,Textwood, Pretty Dangerous, Diane Freis, As Know As de Base and many others.



Although most of the models are around the age of 14-16, they all look and act more mature than when we were at that age. After the make over, with red lips and curl hair, they look like they are 18 or above.

There were altogether 13 girls, 12 boys,2 emcees and maybe like 7 others committee members that need grooming so all the stylists are like working in "factory", non stop working the whole day! Thank you again so so much!

Through this amazing experience of working with these young teenage girls from CIS, I have come to see their strong team spirit! Although there was a lot of yelling and shouting during the rehearsal, they do respect each other and try to do the best for the show. When the committee leader had the final announcement before show time, they all clapped for her at the end. This kind of spirit and atmosphere is not easy to be seen in our "adult" life.

At the same time, this makes me realise how much I appreciate and love my makeup team as everyone's spirit is very strong.
We all get along so well, so generous to share our tips in makeup and even hang out on non working days and after work! I hope and believe that this spirit will only grow stronger and stronger in time.

Some pictures that I took behind the scenes 🙂





I hope all the money they raise will be helping a lot of the people who are in need of their help!