Perfect Mother's Day Gift - Nu Skin for New Skin

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift – Nu Skin for New Skin

My dearest Mom just turned 60 and since mother's day is just around the corner, I decided to get her something to keep her looking young and healthy inside out - Nu Skin ageLOC galvanic spa!!!

Whenever I hear my Asian clients complain about their single eyelids, flat noses and small eyes. I always tell them, "God is fair. Although Asian women might not have a very "3D" face while most Western women have bigger eyes, deeper sockets, taller noses...Asians tend to age physically much slower. At least we have less wrinkles in comparatively speaking when reaching the age of 35.

So is it true that 90% of the Asians (or HK in particular) women do not have the problem of ageing skin?
My answer is NO!
I have worked with females of different ages: 15 years old girls who want to look more mature at their prom; 26 years old whom I thought she is older than me (I'm 32 in case you wonder); 53 woman whom I thought she is around my age.

So my conclusion is: Asian women definitely have a natural gift to age slower but it doesn't mean you don't age at all if you do nothing to take care of your skin! I strongly believe the Chinese saying "????, ????" (in English "You reap what you Sow"). To achieve the "wrinkles-less & flawless" skin, women who care do buy better quality skincare and actually USE them. And because they care, they age gracefully.

Many years ago, I came across Nu Skin through my best friend. I have tried their skincare but have never their ageLOC galvanic spa. Maybe because I was still young and thought I didn't need it, or mainly because I couldn't really afford it. I did not desire to own one ageLOC galvanic spa then.

5 months ago, I decided to finally buy one because of all the great feedback from users. I thought how wonderful it will be if bouncers still check my ID when I'm 45! After using it for 2 weeks, other makeup artists said my jawlines look sharper, face is less swollen and a bit lifted. One friend even commented, "You don't look so DRY!" (Nothing dirty here) just the way he said I thought it was funny - I guess all the sun tan I got throughout these years, my skin tends to look quite dry.

Not just I can see and feel the difference, even my part time maid said my skin looks more glowy (though I only chat with her every Wed morning for like 5 minutes before I rush to yoga but she is one of the few who sees me without makeup). So there is no doubt that ageLOC spa works like magic!

I love it more and more because not only what it does on my face, it also smoothens my swollen painful calves muscles and all ache I got from work.

That's why I think this will be the best gift to treat my mother's special 60! In the coming years, my mom will look the same and younger when we celebrate her 70,80,90 birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you will enjoy the gift as much as I do!!!

How to use?

To rejuvenate complexion and targets the ultimate sources of aging:

Step 1. Apply Pre -treat gel (transparent tube) on face. Press until SPA display shows the number 1. Massage the face with the oval shape conductor for 2 minutes.


Step 2. Apply Treatment gel (blue tube) on face. Press until SPA display shows the number 2. Massage the face with the oval shape conductor for 3 minutes.
* please note that Step 1 needs to be followed after by Step 2. They are like twins, kinda inseparable 🙂


To remove lines:

Step 3. Apply Tru Face line corrector (white tube) under & around eye areas and "smile" lines. Press until SPA display shows the number 3. Slowly press the lines with the small circle conductor for 5 minutes.


To refine your body or face:

Step 4. Apply ageLOC body shaping gel (bigger blue tube) on face or body areas where you need to refine. Press until SPA display shows the number 4. Massage the face, tummy, legs, etc with the "mountain like" conductor for 5 minutes. Effectiveness depends on how frequent you use. You can use it again after the first 5 minutes. Best activity to do while watching the Modern Family, Homeland (maybe not...)


Feel free to ask me questions about the use of Nu Skin ageLOC galvanic SPA!