Work & Play at Wurk & Pley shoot

Work & Play at Wurk & Pley shoot

A month ago, the founder of WURK & PLEY Corinna approached me through email asking me if I would be interested in doing the makeup and hair styling for her fashion shoot in May.

Because she is just starting with this business, she doesn't have a big budget for the shoot. But what she has is a big heart which I adore. I always love working with passionate people because without this passion & fire, it'd be so hard to work or survive in this industry. I have experienced that path when I first started as well. It was painful but memorable. A bonus point is that she is very organised and well planned which are great elements in pretty much all sort of things!

Corinna was in marketing before she changed her career into a designer. She is definitely a lovely and sweet girl who focuses in what she does. Her collection is very timeless and "practical"!

Instead of clothes that look fab & nice in the window display ONLY, WURK & PLEY is easy to wear daily for WORK & PLAY (not referring to the club). You can easily match them with jeans, pencil skirts, shorts, etc to create a great edgy & fashionable look.

With some thinking WURK, you can definitely PLEY around with Corinna's clothes! Can't wait to wear them soon!

Some picture taken today with easy going designer Corinna, hilarious French model Marion & super talented Timon W & my dearest stylist Esther who helped me so much for so many years!

Model: Marion (primo)
Photographer by Timon Wehrli
Wardrobe by WURK & PLEY
Hair styling by Esther